Master of Arts in English Language

MA in English Language at TSU is an advanced program with a unique fusion of theory and practice in English language. It has two course structures that include 18-unit core courses and 12-unit cognate courses of master’s level coursework that extends students’ breadth and depth of knowledge in English. Students will be given a wider and firmer foundation on the theories of English and will be empowered to explore the English language through practice and research. Specific areas of focus include linguistic systems and structures, discourse, world Englishes, rhetoric, textual analysis, translation, literacy development, and management of language programs. Likewise, students will gain skills and knowledge to conduct research and facility with digital resources, develop analytical and presentation skills through colloquiums, appreciate special topics in language and context, and recognize contemporary issues and problems in the English language. Completion of the program requires students to write a well-written thesis and to pass a reading comprehension test in a foreign language.


Graduates of this program should be able to:

  1. articulate and discuss the system and structure, theories, and latest developments of the English language;
  2. use appropriate theories and methodologies critically and creatively in explaining issues in language and context;
  3. apply analytical and interpretive skills in the study of texts;
  4. produce well-written texts for various professional purposes;
  5. demonstrate acquisition of archival research skills and facility with digital resources;
  6. develop the ability to participate in various types of communicative situations especially in public discourses in response to the needs of the communities one serves; and read and comprehend a text written in a foreign language.

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