Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

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March 23, 2022


About Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education (BECED):

The Tarlac State University takes pride in being one of the first institutions in Region III to offer the course Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education (BECED). With the signing into law of  Republic Act (RA) No. 10157 entitled “An Act Institutionalizing the Kindergarten Education into the Basic Education System” on January 20, 2012,  the College of Education saw the urgent need and immediately answered the call to offer a program that will produce competent, passionate, and innovative early childhood teachers. The main objective of BECED program is to fully equip the students with the knowledge and skills in teaching young learners aged 3-8 years. It aims to provide them with the basic and essential understanding and application of principles of developmenally appropriate practices in effective early childhood care and education so that they will become qualified and proficient early childhood practioners in various early childhood settings.

The four year program entails general and major subjects for the students to take and pass. The program will culminate with a teaching internship in various kindergarten schools , both in public and private schools under the supervision and mentorship of  competent cooperating teacher and professional education supervisors.

Career Opportunities: 

Various career opportunities await a graduate of the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. The first and foremost job is being a kindergarten  or preschool teacher in both public and private schools, in the Philippines as well as in other countries. He/she also qualifies as a Grade 1 – Grade 3 teacher. Other ECE practioners may also teach in the tertiary/ college level specially if they have obtained a masters degree in ECE. Other ECE graduates also become administrators and owners of their own early childhood education  schools. There are also those who become home-based or center-based tutors or owners of tutorial centers. Other job opportunities for BECED graduates include: Art and Music Teacher, Reading Specialist, Early Childhood Curriculum Specialist, Child Care Specialist, Formative Assessment Writer, Behavioral Consultant, Children’s Book Writer,

Storyteller, Educational Researcher , Educational Researcher and many more.

Program Outcomes:

  • Explain the foundations of Early Childhood Education in the context of its philosophy, history , psychological  and educational basis.
  • Show high level of competence in pedagogical knowledge and skills for efficient and effective delivery of teaching and learning processes.
  • Design relevant , creative, interesting and innovative curricula, instructional plans, teaching approaches/strategies, activities  and materials to address student diversity.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, problem solving, planning, monitoring, assessing and reporting skills of learning processes and outcomes.
  • Continuously pursue professional and personal growth through seminars, trainings, other field-based experiences/opportunities and research endeavours.
  • Develop and establish effective communication and collaboration with various stakeholders.
  • Advocate for children’s rights and welfare.
  • Practice professional and ethical standards to guide one’s actions and decisions in various situations and settings.
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