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May 31, 2022

Who can avail the Free Tech-Voc Education & Training Program?

Starting AY 2018-2019, all Filipino learners enrolled in their first National Certificate (NC) I or II in any public Technical-Vocational Institution (TVI) registered with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), shall be able to avail of Free TVET. Corresponding living allowances shall also be given to learners, subject to certain conditions set by TESDA.

Once TESDA implements bundled, diploma or longer-term programs, NC III, IV and V courses shall also be free.

Who cannot avail of Free TVET?

The following learners are NOT ELIGIBLE to avail of the Free TVET:

  • Learners who have obtained a bachelor’s degree;
  • Learners who are already holders of a certificate or diploma for a technical-vocational program equivalent to NC III or higher, unless the trainee is enrolled in bundled programs leading to Level IV or Diploma;
  • Learners enrolled in TVET programs not registered under TESDA; and
  • Learners who voluntarily opt out of the free TVET provision.

Consequently, learners who are NOT ELIGIBLE to avail themselves of the Free TVET shall be charged the training cost and other training-related costs.

What are the benefits of Free TVET?

Aside from the tuition and other school fees, the learners shall be given allowances to support their training expenses i.e. living allowance, instructional materials allowance, national competency assessment fee, starter tool kits.

Can a learner choose not to avail of the benefits of Free TVET?

Yes. In fact, the law requires TVIs to create a mechanism that will enable the learners with the financial capacity to pay for their education in the TVI to either: (1) opt out of the tuition and other school fees subsidy; or (2) make a voluntary contribution to the TVI.

How will State-run Technical Vocational Institutions (STVIs) treat the money collected from learners who opted out and voluntarily made contribution?

The implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of RA 10931 already state that all payments received from those who opted out and made voluntary contributions to the institutions shall be remitted to the TESDA Development Fund (TDF) within one (1) month from the start of the training program.

In addition, the TESDA Board, as Fund Administrator of the TDF, shall determine the relevant programs and projects for which the proceeds of the TDF collections can be utilized.

Can State-run Technical-Vocational Institutions (STVIs) charge all their operational costs to UniFAST?

No. Only the incremental costs of utilities and maintenance not already charged to the regular Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) of STVIs shall be charged against the Free TVET provision of the Act.

Can public TVIs still collect from students

No. Starting June 2018, all TVET programs in public institutions registered with TESDA shall be free.

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