The Bachelor of Science in Cooperative Management is designed to train and develop youth to become actively involved in community development through its contribution and participation in giving solution to problems addressed to the common needs and aspirations of the community, which is progress and development. Identify cooperative values and prioritize needs and wants of cooperative-community analysis, problems and solutions.

The Bachelor in Cooperatives Program responds to the demand of the Philippine cooperative movement for higher level managerial competence and expertise of the cooperatives’ leadership and management. There are also the national and worldwide efforts to address poverty, pursue economic development and promote empowerment.


  1. To demonstrate and enrich the skills associated with the entrepreneurship such as planning, communicating, marketing and others;
  2. To enhance the level of environment awareness;
  3. To develop one’s potential for leadership and identify qualities for leadership;
  4. To improve and identify the management functions;
  5. To improve and practice Human Resources Management Systems;
  6. To differentiate cooperatives and entrepreneurship;
  7. To develop financial management of cooperatives;
  8. To understand and practice credit management;
  9. To understand and practice business development.

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