Bachelor of Physical Education

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March 23, 2022


The Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd) is a four-year course which allows for focused study in physical education, and yet includes other area like health education.

The program aims to produce scientifically inclined physical education graduates who are imbued with values and whose knowledge and skills will respond to the national and global demands. Moreover, it will prepare and train qualified students to teach Physical Education and Health in schools, from pre-k through 12th grade. With this baseline competency, graduates are often also qualified to teach various aspects of fitness and physical wellbeing to other types of groups as well as individuals.

The Bachelor of Physical Education degree program instruct students in the areas of student diversity and growth, classroom management, motivation, instruction and assessment. Students also complete general education requirements.

Ultimately, the program will develop the students’ insights and appreciation of Physical Education and Health as viable discipline applicable to all facets of social activities.


The minimum standards for the Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE) program are expressed in the following learning outcomes:

  1. Disciplinal Knowledge: Apply scientific and evidence-based practices critical to the educational and learning processes
  2. Movement Competency and Proficiency:
    • Demonstrate skillful performance in a variety of physical activities.
    • Adapt performance to a variety of physical activity settings (e.g. formal classes, recreational, and competitive).
  3. Curriculum and Program Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation:
    • Critically examine the curriculum (e.g. content, pedagogy and assessments) and program, and enhance (e.g. innovate) them necessarily
    • Plan and implement safe and effective physical activity programs to address the needs of individual and groups in school and/or non-school settings
    • Monitor and evaluate physical activity programs in school and/or non-school settings.
    • Use appropriate assessments in, as and for student or client learning.
    • Use information, media and technology in pedagogy and for lifelong learning.
  4. Professional Accountability and Responsibility:
    • Demonstrate firm work/professional ethics.
    • Cultivate solidarity by working and dealing with/relating to others harmoniously.
    • Promote the advancement of the profession by making sense of and getting involved in current discourse that impact on the profession.
    • Pursue lifelong learning for personal and professional development.
  5. Communication:
    • Discourse effectively with colleagues, non-PE professionals, and stakeholders of Physical Education and sports.
    • Use oral, written, and technology formats deftly


The Bachelor of Physical Education Department conducted a sports clinic activity in Barangay Moriones, San Jose, Tarlac and in Barangay Nilasin 2nd , Pura, Tarlac as part of the extension program. The BPE department faculty and some BPE students serve as a trainer in the said sports clinic activity.

The Physical Educators Association (PEA) organized a two days league to the students of the Bachelor of Physical Education. The activity showcases the sportsmanship and talents of the students in sports and dancing.

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