HOUSEKEEPING NC II Curriculum Guide – K to 12 Home Economics Livelihood Track

April 4, 2022
HOUSEKEEPING NC II Curriculum Guide – K to 12 Home Economics Livelihood Track


Technology-Livelihood Education and Technical-Vocational Track specializations may be taken between Grades 9 to 12.
Schools may offer specializations from the four strands as long as the minimum number of hours for each specialization is met.



Duration: 320Hours

This curriculum guide on Housekeeping leads to National Certificate Level (NC II). This course is designed for a high school student ought to develop knowledge, skills, and attitude to perform the tasks on Housekeeping.

It covers five core competencies, namely:

  1. providing housekeeping services;
  2. preparing rooms for guests;
  3. leaning premises;
  4. providing valet/butler services;
  5. laundry linen and guests clothes; and
  6. deal with/handle intoxicated guests.

The preliminaries of this specialization course includes the following:

  1. Explain core concepts in housekeeping;
  2. Discuss the relevance of the course
  3. Explore on opportunities for a Room or Cabin Attendant as a career.


1. Explain core concepts in
2. Housekeeping
3. Discuss the relevance of the course
4. Explore on opportunities for Housekeeping as a career


LO 1. Recognize Personal
Entrepreneurial Competencies and Skills (PECs) needed in food and beverage services
1.1 Compare one’s PECs with those of a practitioner/entrepreneur
1.2 Align one’s PECs with those of a practitioner/entrepreneur
1.3 Assess one’s PECs
1.4 Assess practitioner’s PECs

LO 2. Develop and strengthen personal competencies and skills (PECs) needed in food and beverage services
2.1 Identify areas for improvement, development and growth
2.2 Align one’s PECs according to his/her business/career choice
2.3 Create a plan of action that ensures success of his/her business/career choice


LO 1. Recognize and understand the market in food and beverage services
1.1 Identify the players/ competitors within the town
1.2 Identify the different products/services available in the market

LO 2. Recognize the potential customer/ market in food and beverage services
2.1 Profile potential customers
2.2 Identify the customer’s needs and wants through consumer analysis
2.3 Conduct consumer/market analysis

LO 3. Create new business ideas in food and beverage services by using various techniques
3.1 Explore ways of generating business ideas from ones’ own characteristics/attributes
3.2 Generate business ideas using product innovation from irritants, trends, and emerging needs
3.3 Generate business ideas using Serendipity Walk

LO 4. Develop a product/service in food and beverage services
4.1 Identify what is of “value” to the customer
4.2 Identify the customer
4.3 Explain what makes a product unique and competitive
4.4 Apply creativity and innovative techniques to develop marketable product
4.5 Employ a USP to the product/service

LO 5. Select a business idea based on the criteria and techniques set
5.1 Enumerate various criteria and steps in selecting a business idea
5.2 Apply the criteria/steps in selecting a viable business idea
5.3 Determine a business idea based on the criteria/techniques set

LO 6. Develop a brand for the product
6.1 Identify the benefits of having a good brand
6.2 Enumerate recognizable brands in the town/province
6.3 Enumerate criteria for developing a brand
6.4 Generate a clear appeal



LO 1. Handle housekeeping requests
1.1 Discuss implementing Hotel Codes, Rules and regulations
1.2 Explain different skills of good housekeeper needs such as in and intrapersonal skills
1.3 List down and describe the basic functions of each personnel in the housekeeping department
1.4 Discuss nature and scope of guestroom cleaning, care and maintenance
1.5 Enumerate bedroom and bathroom amenities offered in an institution
1.6 List down procedures in conducting room check, turn down and make up beds
1.7 Demonstrate proper handling of guests’ requests in housekeeping following safety and security standards

LO 2. Advise guests on room and housekeeping equipment
1. Describe and explain the use of different types of housekeeping and front office forms
2. Provide guest orientation on house rules and use of hotel tools, materials, equipment, and other amenities
3. Practice proper handling of client’s queries through telephone, fax machine, e-mail, etc.
4. Identify common problems related to Housekeeping Services
5. Observe proper handling of different problems in Housekeeping Services


LO 1. Set up equipment and trolleys
1.1 Identify and explain the different types and uses of cleaning tools, materials and equipment for room servicing
1.2 Correctly select and demonstrate proper use of tools, materials and equipment according to task requirement

1.3 Properly set trolley/caddy with cleaning materials according to needs and with the institutional standards
1.4 Observe safety measures and procedures in handling cleaning tools, equipment, and other supplies

LO 2. Access rooms for servicing
2.1 Identify important terminologies used in housekeeping such as room status, door signs, guest’s type, and guest room classifications
2.2 Observe guests’ safety and security in hotel establishment

LO 3. Make up beds
3.1 Identify different types and sizes of linens, pillows, and bed sheets
3.2 Correctly follow proper procedures in conducting room check, turn down and make up beds and cots
3.3 Replace bed linen in accordance with establishment standards and procedures

LO 4. Clean rooms
4.1.Identify tools, materials, supplies, and equipment needed in cleaning guest rooms
4.2.Follow standard operating procedures in institutional cleaning
4.3.Identify common insects and pests and their control measures
4.4.Give minor and major hotel room defects and repair
4.5.Observe hotel management safety practices and procedures


LO 1. Select and set up equipment and materials
1.1 Select appropriate cleaning tools and equipment with their proper uses and functions
1.2 Follow safety and security measures when using cleaning tools and equipment
1.3 Identify and use dry and wet cleaning agents/chemicals for a particular task
1.4 Select and use Personal Protective Equipment based on the task requirement

LO 2. Apply cleaning technique
2.1 Identify cleaning equipment and chemical
2.2 Discuss cleaning technique on furniture and walling materials
2.3 Follow proper storage of equipment and chemicals

LO 3. Clean and store trolleys and equipment
3.1. Perform proper handling of trolleys and other equipment
3.2. Observe proper cleaning of tools, materials, and equipment according to standards and procedures
3.3. Practice safekeeping practices in accordance with establishment standards

LO 4. Clean dry and wet areas
4.1 Identify common problems related to scheduling and performing one’s task
4.2 Consider possible inconvenience and hazards in working area
4.3 Observe implementing policies and procedures related to cleaning operations
4.4 Practice proper disposal of used chemicals in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and
environmental legislation requirements

LO 5. Maintain and store cleaning equipment and chemicals
5.1 Use and maintain cleaning tools, materials, and equipment effectively in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and hotel standards
5.2 Perform institutional routine maintenance with standard operating procedures
5.3 Identify and report common problems in cleaning tools and equipment
5.4 Observe safety procedures in safekeeping of cleaning tools, equipment, and chemicals following the security standards



LO 1. Display professional valet standards
1.1 Discuss basic roles of valet and butler service within the Philippine hospitality industry
1.2 Establish rapport and enhance feelings of goodwill between the guest and the establishment through principles of good communication in accordance with the establishment standards
1.3 Practice good grooming and personal hygiene of valet service provider
1.4 Access and utilize knowledge of individual guests to provide personalized and quality valet service
1.5 Follow standard operating procedures in keeping laundry area clean in accordance with the establishment standards
1.6 Prepare reports and endorsements of valet service provider

LO 2. Care for the guest property
2.1 Perform packing, unpacking, storing, and preparing of guest luggage management
2.2 Observe institutional standards in preparing of guest clothes and shoes
2.3 Make simple repairs on cloth and linen in accordance with the establishment procedures
2.4 Value the set ethical standards for guest security and confidentiality



LO 1. Process laundry items 
1.1 Identify and explain types of linen used in housekeeping
1.2 Discuss the principles of laundering such as collection and transportation, arrival and sorting
1.3 Give the types and usage of washing machine and dryers used in housekeeping
1.4 Identify and discuss the types and usage of laundry chemicals and other cleaning agents
1.5 Enumerate and discuss the classifications and usage of stain removing agents
1.6 Explain the wash cycle and its importance
1.7 Follow laundry procedures for cotton, silk, wool, and synthetics
1.8 Perform laundry methods accordingly
1.9 Observe principles and procedures in ironing and pressing clothes and linens
1.10 Explain the types of ironing equipment, tools, and materials and their proper usage
1.11 Demonstrate correct folding methods and techniques

LO 2. Package and store laundry items
2.1 Identify forms needed for packaging and storing of laundry items
2.2 Explain ideal standards of packaging and storing of laundry items
2.3 Discuss the procedures in storing guest laundry in accordance with the establishment standards for
2.4 Observe correct delivery of laundry items to guests


L.O 1. Determine level of intoxication
1.1 Identify and explain the level of Intoxication
1.2 Discuss the effects of alcohol and the factors that influence guest’s action
1.3 Follow standard operation procedure in assessing intoxicated guest

L.O 2. Apply appropriate procedures
2.1 Discuss DO’s and DON’Ts in assisting intoxicated guests
2.2 observe proper way of dealing with intoxicated guest
2.3 Ways in communicating with intoxicated guest

LO 3. Comply with legislation
3.1 Correct way in dealing with intoxicated customers in line with Industry practice
3.2 discuss ways on how to deal with underage drinkers with caution and care in compliance with legal regulation
3.3 Identify laws governing the sale of alcohol beverages

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