DEPED EDTECH AWARDS 2022: Best Educational Technology Innovation Program for DepEd Region IX

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July 15, 2022

Walay impossible sa magtutudlong makugihong modiskarte!

Tinood jud ang ZEPE sa Rehiyon Nuwebe – Zest for Efficacy and Promptness for Efficiency!

DAKONG PASIGARBO ang nasungkit ng Schools Division Office – Zamboanga del Norte with the project entitled: Project EINSTEIN: A Solar Powered SciMath Calculator with SMS System for Asynchronous Learning for being the lone winner in the DEPED EDTECH AWARDS 2022 for Best Educational Technology Innovation Program for DepEd Region IX among the eight (8 divisions in the entire Region IX.

Educators have tried various teaching approaches to improve student achievement in science and mathematics. Excellent teachers, Angelita B. Lumakin (Master Teacher I) and Jessie M. Nava (Teacher I) initiated a project that stands for ENHANCING STUDENT SKILLS THROUGH TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION.

It is a device run by Arduino Microcontroller purely crafted by the proponent to address the geographical situation of the proposed recipient. It is a solar-powered device that uses a renewable energy source to maintain cost-effectiveness and reliability.

The user-friendly calculator was programmed to help students solve problems relating to Science and Mathematics competencies by implying equations as part of the algorithms. The innovation consists of a step-by-step process for the students to follow and engage in the learning process and display its result and solution in real-time. It has additional features that can send and receive SMS, establishing two-way communication between the students and teachers.

This supplementary device guides and invites students in the process in which it simultaneously helps students enhance skills and participate meaningfully in the performance of the target skill and competencies.

Region IX, kayo ay tunay na inspirasyon! Padayon!

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