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July 9, 2022

Calauag Central College is Private Education Institution in Calauag, Quezon that offers various degree programs and courses administered and regulated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Department of Education (DepED). The School  was established in 1975 in Calauag, Quezon, Philippines.

Calauag Central College Inc. has always been the first at everything since it was the earliest school to have been established right in the heart of Calauag. Even up to now, as the oldest existing educational institution in Quezon, Calauag Central College is still a pioneer in various ways, spearheading activities not only for its stakeholders but for the community that it has been a part of for almost a century.

The Calauag Central College Inc. will be the learning institution of choice in Southern Quezon with great potential and ability to adapt in the changing society.

The Calauag Central College Inc. aims to enhance the abilities and skills of students through promotion of the passion for learning, provide efficient and effective services and support students though professional development.

Calauag Central College (CCC)

Address: Rizal St. Corner Arguelles St., Barangay (POB.) Cuatro, Calauag, Quezon, Philippines
Telephone No: (042) 717-7149
School Head: Ms. Leticia F. Aguilar – President
Year Established: 1931
Sector: Private HEIs
Type: Private Non-Sectarian
Email: [email protected]
Website :

Academic Programs

Here is the list of available Courses Offered in “Calauag Central College” in Rizal St. Cor. Arguelles St., Brgy. 4 Calauag, Quezon.


  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education
    Major in:

    • Mathematics
    • Filipino
    • English
  • Bachelor Science in Business Administration
    Major in:

    • Marketing Management
    • Operations Management


  • Grade School
    • Grade 1 to Grade 6 – Established in 1953, the Grade School Department was initially intended as a laboratory school for the Bachelor of Elementary Education students. Over the years, it has developed into a competitive arena of the Basic Education Program from Grades 1 to 6 where learners are prepared for self-directed learning and are given many opportunities to develop and thrive.
  • Senior High School
    • Grade 11 to Grade 12 – As one of the second wave of early implementers of the Senior High School curriculum, the CCC Senior High School Department has been preparing learners for future careers in the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as Accounting, Business and Management since 2015. The Academic Strand was designed as a feeder department to the College Department as courses offered were in Education and Business Administration. This likewise assures us that the faculty are not just educators but professionals in those fields as well, thereby ensuring optimal education for our senior high school students.
  • Junior High School
    • Grade 7 to Grade 10 – Since its inception in 1931, Calauag Central College Inc. has always been dedicated to providing secondary education to the youth of the municipality. For almost a century, it has been successful in producing graduates with life-skills, knowledge, and values that enable them to become community leaders. From 2011, CCC has been educating learners from Grade 7 to 10 with a comprehensive curriculum that includes Computer education for all levels and a mini-research study in English 10.


Being true to its mantra of being ahead and being always at the center of things, Calauag Central College Inc. has spearheaded the first online admissions and enrollment process via the CCC GRADO as created by the Intelima Systems. GRADO not only provides Centralians with a sensibly simple A+ enrollment system, but enables the institution to provide the best possible services through a more reliable ICT-based management of data and records.

Visit Our Campus

You can visit our campus today. A school representative and some students of our school will tour you to the entire campus to get a feel for college life, learn more about Calauag Central College Inc., and experience our beautiful campus!


  • Passed College Admission Test
  • One (1) ID picture (1×1, latest)
  • Form 138
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Birth Certificate from NSO (photocopy)


  • Passed College Admission Test
  • One (1) ID picture (1×1, latest)
  • Honorable Dismissal
  • Scholastic Records / Copy of Grades
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Clearance for Admission from the Registrar’s Office


  • Special Study Permit / Student Visa (for foreign applicant)
  • Passed College Admission Test
  • Original Report Card (Form 138)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Birth Certificate (photocopy)

*Should you lack some or all of the documents required, the Office of Admission and Registration(OAR) will still permit you to enroll.

Basic Education Online Registration

This form allows you to register as an incoming Grade 1, Grade 7 or Grade 11 in Calauag Central College. For the incoming Grade 7 students, limited slots are available for the Educational Service Contracting (ESC) Grant.

Upon enrolment, enrollees are required to present the following documents:

1. 2 pcs 2×2 Picture
2. Latest Progress Report Card (School Form 9)
3. PSA-Certified Birth Certificate
4. Certificate of Good Moral

College Online Registration

This form allows you to register as an incoming Freshmen in Calauag Central College. Some details are required to be filled up as it appeared on the students PSA-Certified Birth Certificate.

Upon enrolment, enrollees are required to present the following documents:

1. 2 pcs 2×2 Picture
2. Latest Progress Report Card (School Form 9)
3. PSA-Certified Birth Certificate
4. Certificate of Good Moral


One year after the Southern Tagalog Institute (formerly Plaridel Institute), closed, two intrepid young educators, Dr. Vicente R. Vilar and Mr. Jose E. Fernandez, founded the Calauag Institute. The late D. Vilar became the school’s President and the late Mr. Fernandez its Vice President. During its early stages, the Calauag Institute rented a building owned by the late Sebastian C. Villaverde located in, what is now, Brgy. Pinagtalleran – Pinagtalleran because it was where the sawmill and plywood plants of the late industrialist Don Tomas Morato was once located.

Initially, the school only had two classes – First and Second Year High School. Later on, the Bureau of Education (the predecessor of the DECS and CHED) granted a permit to the school to open classes in Third and Fourth Year High School. Mr. Fernandez himself became the first Principal of the Calauag Institute. Among the faculty members at that time were Mr. Fermin Villasanta, Ms. Aurora Silva, Mr. Severino Songco, and Mr. Jose Recaido.

In 1938, the school transferred to a bigger building and better location in the heart of town in a building owned by the late Filipino-Chinese businessman Alfonso Urgino. There, the school prospered and increased enrollment. Unfortunately, World War II interrupted the operations of the school. The school was temporarily closed during the Japanese Occupation.

In August 1, 1945, Mr. Jose Fernandez, urged on by his ardent desire to bring quality education to the town of Calauag, resumed the operations of the Calauag Institute. It was at this time that he renamed the school Calauag Central College. Why Calauag Central College? Maybe it was because that as early as 1945, Mr. Jose Fernandez, the visionary that he was, was already laying the foundations for the institution, as we know it today.

That year, there were forty-six freshmen and twenty-five sophomores. Because the town of Calauag was ravaged by the war, classes were temporarily held at the ancestral home the Seguerra family at the corner of Rizal and Morato Sts. The faculty was composed of Mr. Fernandez, who taught Mathematics, and Mr. Pedro R. Olaya, who taught the other subjects.

The following year, the Calauag Central College embarked on a massive faculty enhancement and upgrading program by tapping the talents of known luminaries and intellectuals in the community like Mr. Felix J. Paraiso, Sr., Mrs. Olimpia V. delos Trinos, Judge Avelimo Leyco, then-Municipal Treasurer Arsenio Lim, then-Municipal Mayor Edgardo S. Cabañgon, Mr. Vicente Olaya, Engr. Dominador Barros, Mrs. Presentacion A. Diomano, and Mr. Guillermo Seguerra.

One year later, the school gained full recognition from the government and was, thus, able to re-open classes in the Third and Fourth Year High School levels. In School Year 1947-1948, the Calauag Central College had its first graduating class. Twenty-nine students bowed to the public, proud and happy that they were the first Calauageños who graduated from high school after the Second World War.

In 1952, the Calauag Central College transferred to its newly constructed three-storey building in the corner of Arguelles and Rizal Sts., the sites where it still stands today. By then, the student population of the school was growing rapidly.

In 1953, the Calauag Central College opened its College Department. Initially, the courses offered were the one-year Secretarial course, the two-year Liberal Arts course, the Elementary Teacher’s Certificate (ETC) course and the four-year Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) course. The Elementary School Department was opened to serve as a laboratory for the ETC course. A few years later, the ETC course had to be phased out but was immediately replaced by the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BSEEd) course. In 1990, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) course was added.

Thus, the Calauag Central College matured into the institution of comprehensive learning in Calauag that it is today.

Through the years, the Calauag Central College has taken pride in the long list of faculty members who have graced its roster and enhanced the reputation of the school as a community-based institution of higher learning.

Among the Principals who have lent their considerable talents, prestigious names, and intellectual prowess to the Grade School and High School Department are:

High School Grade School
Mr. Jose E. Fernandez (1931-1945) Ms. Cunigunda M. Ramos (1962)
Mr. Arsenio Lim (Assistant) Mrs. Cunigunda R. Folloso (1965)
Mr. Vicente R. Olaya (1958) Ms. Natividad V. Magsino (1983)
Mr. Pedro R. Olaya (1967) Mrs. Julita A. Villaflor (1995)
Ms. Belina L. Villanueva (1980) Mrs. Fe L. Aguilar (2002)
Mrs. Leticia F. Aguilar (1986) Dr. Almira M. Aguilar (2003)
Mrs. Melinda Pulgar Odi (1987) Mr. Vicente Y. Eleazar (2010)
Mrs. Luz D. Intoy (1992) Mrs. Maria Obedia P. Diamante (2012)
Ms. Maria Salud F. Lerum (2014 – Present)

2008 saw the school’s incorporation as an educational institution via the Securities and Exchange Commission. As such, it became known as Calauag Central College, Inc.

In February 2021, the school celebrates the 90th anniversary of its foundation. To this day, the Calauag Central College, Inc. is honored to be the oldest school in its class in the whole province of Quezon

Location Map:

For inquiries regarding the school, enrollment requirements and other related matters, please contact (042) 717-7149 or visit the school located at Rizal St. Cor. Arguelles St., Brgy. 4 Calauag, Quezon, Philippines.

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